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Successfully Continuing Russo & Toner’s Dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility,

Making a Difference Where We Work and Live

Statistically, 14% of New Yorkers, or 1.2 million residents, go to bed hungry regularly, or are food insecure.  This was an unsettling statistic to learn from the New York Food Bank.  Upon hearing this Russo & Toner, LLP partnered with the Go Orange to End Hunger Campaign ( to facilitate a food drive.  Attorneys and staff initially set out to collect and donate 150 pounds of food to the Go Orange to End Hunger Campaign.  However, the goal was overshot by 113%, ultimately collecting and donating 540 pounds of food.  The New York Food Bank stated, “the Russo & Toner donation would feed and estimated 450 families”.  Russo & Toner, attorneys and staff, are grateful to make a positive impact by partnering Go Orange to End Hunger to aide in feeding families and individuals, in our communities where we work and live. 

Food Drive September 2019.jpg
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