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Steven Dyki Receives Champion Of Civil Justice Award

On November 10, 2016, Steven Dyki received the Champion of Civil Justice Award from the Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York. Mr. Dyki was recognized by LRANY for representing Collette McLafferty, a professional singer who was sued by an attorney and professional drummer. The attorney claimed that he had formulated the idea for a tribute band based on the music of the artist known as “Pink” and that he entered into a legally binding contract with one of the co-defendants in the case. The plaintiff claimed, among several allegations, that Ms. McLafferty and the co-defendants breached the contract and stole his idea for the band. The complaint contained 112 pages, 562 paragraphs and 42 causes of action and sought $10 million in damages. After obtaining summary judgment dismissing all claims against Ms. McLafferty, Mr. Dyki assisted in the negotiation of a settlement that included reimbursement of attorneys’ fees incurred by Ms. McLafferty, an apology, and testimony in open court by Ms. McLafferty regarding the impact of the frivolous lawsuit on her personal life.


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