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Florina Altshiler Wins Defense Verdict in 15 Minutes on Saturday!

Florina Altshiler, Esq. Partner in the Buffalo office achieved a great victory on Saturday (yes Saturday) by winning a defense verdict in less than 15 minutes following a 2+ week trial involving more than 20 witnesses in Erie County Supreme Court. In probably the last civil jury trial pending in Erie Cty after the order to shut down the Courts came down, Florina was able to unanimously convince a jury who continued to attend everyday despite the current public health crisis, that the plaintiff who was claiming a mild traumatic brain injury as well as cervical and lumbar injuries, along with a significant lost wage and pension claim, as a result of a bus striking the rear of her vehicle did not sustain any injury as a result of the collision. The jury awarded her nothing. The plaintiff’s demand was a mere $6 million before trial started and only lowered to $1.9 million throughout the trial. Plaintiff’s award was $0! A tremendous result.

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