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John Komar Secures a Defense Verdict After a Four-Day Liability Trial

On June 7, 2018, after a four-day liability trial, John Komar secured a defense verdict for our clients in the case of McKenzie v. Holy Cab in Civil Court, Queens County. The case involved two childhood girlfriends, one who lives in Manhattan and works in the television industry as an onset hairdresser, and the other who was visiting from Florida to celebrate her birthday. After a day in the city and a night on the town the two friends got into our client’s taxi at about 2 A.M. for a ride home from the lower east side to the upper west side. While proceeding westbound on Houston Street the taxi was hit by the operator of a GMC Canyon pickup truck who was making a left turn from the eastbound lane Houston at Sullivan Street. Each driver blamed the other for the accident. Through clear and credible testimony from our client, and the testimony of the other parties on cross-examination, John was able to convince the jury that our client was not negligent, and that the other driver was 100% at fault for the accident.

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