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Defense Verdict on Property Damage Claim Against our Insured Driver

Plaintiff in the instant matter brought a property damage claim against our insured, Harris Thompson, for a motor vehicle accident that occurred on May 16, 2018 near the intersection of 147th Avenue and 232rd Street, Queens County, NY. Plaintiff claimed that his vehicle sustained several thousand dollars worth of damage to his company car when our insured allegedly tried to overtake him on his left as he was attempting to make a left turn. Our insured, however, stated that he was traveling straight when plaintiff suddenly and unexpectedly attempted to make a U-turn directly in front of him thereby causing the accident. In addition to hearing from the parties, the Court heard from our insured’s wife who gave a convincing narrative of the facts. Plaintiff attempted to utilize pictures from his estimate to show the damage his vehicle sustained could only have come from an accident that took place the way he described it. However, upon cross examination, it became very clear that the damage could have equally been sustained from an accident as described by the insured and his wife. The Court ultimately rendered a decision 100% in favor of our insured and dismissed the plaintiff’s case in its entirety.

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