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Marcin J. Kurzatkowski Obtains Summary Judgment In Carbon Monoxide Exposure Case in Orange County

On June 29, 2018, Marcin J. Kurzatkowski obtained summary judgment on behalf of our client in the Carrin Quin and Joseph Quin v. Thomas Costa, et al. matter in the Supreme Court – Orange County. This matter concerned the plaintiffs’ allegation that they were exposed to and suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning at their home. Mr. Kurzatkowski represented the heating company that performed certain repairs to the boiler at the plaintiffs’ home approximately fourteen (14) months prior to the alleged carbon monoxide exposure. In granting our motion for summary judgment, Judge Catherine Bartlett held the heating company established prima facie that it properly performed the tasks that it undertook and that the plaintiffs’ exposure to carbon monoxide was not caused by any negligent repair on the part of the heating company, but rather, due to the negligent maintenance of the chimney by the Defendant/Third-Party Plaintiff landlord.

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