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Catherine J. Fiorentino Wins Unanimous Defense Verdict for Livery Driver

Catherine J. Fiorentino obtained a unanimous defense verdict on behalf of a local livery driver in a Kings County Supreme Court case involving a motorcycle crash in Brooklyn. The plaintiff alleged that the defendant, caused him to crash his motorcycle and sustain serious, permanent injuries. Through the cross-examination of the plaintiff by Ms. Fiorentino, the jury learned that plaintiff gave inconsistent accounts of how the accident occurred, had prior accidents and lawsuits, had been in trouble with law enforcement following prior accidents, and testified inconsistently while under oath on several occasions with regard to both the accident and his subsequent medical treatment. The relentless cross-examination of the plaintiff, coupled with Ms. Fiorentino’s presentation of evidence regarding the accident and its surrounding circumstances convinced the jury that justice required a finding that the defendant was not liable for plaintiff’s accident.

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